The word sanctuary draws out many images from those who hear it. It comes from a Latin term implying a container keeping something. In a traditional sense it paints a picture of a space of safety, refuge, and often times a place for the sacred. It is both a physical as well as an emotional space bringing peace, reflection and a place to celebrate Gods intent for the sanctity of humanity. Formed in January 2018, the Sanctuary at Denny Park was birthed from a dream of Denny Park Lutheran Church to become a resource and connecting point for the South Lake Union area in the heart of Seattle. The dream is to provide both a space of sanctuary and of connection for those who live and/or work in this unique neighborhood … to experience both calming peace as well as vibrant community… to touch and draw out the soul of the neighborhood.  From creative ways to explore a relationship with Jesus, the disciplines of Christian spirituality and the possibility of life giving church communities, to celebrations of the arts and creativity, our desire is to engage people in ways that breathe life and purpose into the chaos of the everyday. At the same time, we want to provide affordable and accessible space to those who are committed to the well being and welfare of those who call this city home.

Here in our neighborhood, the prayer is that it bring to life all of this imagery. Whether in the form of open doors for a midday escape from the noise and chaos of the city, a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some local music offerings, or an opportunity to serve those in need, the vision is that this space would represent sanctuary to all who live and work here in South Lake Union and beyond.

In short … we want to create and help others create community that brings light and life and soul to the South Lake Union neighborhood. Our dream is that this becomes a place to:

  • gather as groups in life giving community and individually in meditative prayerful experiences
  • celebrate the creative abilities of musicians, artists, writers and performers
  • respond to the needs of the neighborhood through serving, loving, giving

We hope to have you join us in experiencing all that “sanctuary” entails.

Dan Jacobs – Curator/Director of The Sanctuary at Denny Park