finding “sanctuary”

IMG_3412  The word sanctuary draws out many images from those who hear it.  It comes from a Latin term implying a container keeping something.  In a traditional sense it paints a picture of a space of safety, refuge, and often times a place for the sacred.  It is both a physical as well as an emotional space bringing peace, reflection and a place to celebrate Gods intent for the sanctity of humanity.  Here in our neighborhood, the prayer is that it bring to life all of this imagery.  Whether in the form of open doors for a midday escape from the noise and chaos of the city, a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some local music offerings, or an opportunity to serve those in need, the vision is that this space would represent sanctuary to all who live and work here in South Lake Union and beyond.

The chance for a more sacred experience is offered each week through varied and unique expressions that find there home here.  Check back often to see our development and let others know that sanctuary is coming to the neighborhood.

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